I thought long and hard before going public about this topic. I felt like it was my duty to help save marriages. I was tired of seeing relationships end and keeping this private would mean that I'm selfish. I can say that Domestic Discipline definitely saved my marriage. Counseling and church doesn't work for everyone. I found this alternative and it is very effective so I had to put my ego aside and share this beautiful message.

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What is Domestic Discipline?

This is an easy one. Just because the woman is in an adult body doesn't means she acts like an adult. These women I like to refer to as adult children. They throw tantrums, they curse you out, They snap at you when you call them out on something they did wrong, they have bad spending habits,They "Act out" or "Brat" when they don't get their way, some even get violent! These are the actions of spoiled children. Domestic Discipline will make the woman think twice before behaving badly. I just feel that if the Man is taking care of his family, providing them and protecting them, etc, that He should have the right to discipline us when we act like children.

Is This Domestic Violence?

I Would Like to Start Practicing Domestic Discipline But How Do I Tell My Partner?

Domestic Discipline is a tool is used to correct bad behaviors. So more likely it's not going to work if the woman likes pain for sexual arousal. While it is true that the D in BDSM stands for Discipline, there is an element of discipline in BDSM. To me there is not anything wrong with BDSM, to each His own, but DD is a practice more for correcting bad, dangerous or reckless behaviors. Now I know people can get turned on about things like this and that is ok (and the make up sex can be great afterwards :) But again the main purpose is to correct bad behaviors.They have similarities but differences as well.

My Husband's Rules (The 10 Commandments)

1. Never go to bed angry
2. Do not push the limits, test, or in any way Provoke.
3. Be honest %100 percent of the time.
4. Be polite at all times
5. Be mindful of the house budget
6. Keep in touch
7. Be respectful at all times
8. Maintain good hygiene and dress to impress
9.Keep house clean and orderly.
10. Never interere with, negotiate, or obstruct the disciplinary process in anyway once the final decision has been made

The parameters are that Any discipline carried out must be within the boundaries of correction, prevention, or maintenance. TIH has the right to feel safe and free from petty punishments. The HOH has the right to administer fair, consistent punishments and maintenance as he sees fit. The HOH will not misuse his authority in anyway, at any time, or this contract will be immediately null and voice.

"Since we've started practicing DD , our
bond has grown tremendously!"
"You know you've been a Bad girl. Now across my knee!"

Why Would a Grown Woman Need to Be Disciplined Like a Child?


Women - Ladies I was so embarrassed to tell my husband that I need discipline. I didn't know what he would say and I thought he would think of me as a child. I couldn't ask him verbally so I wrote him a letter and ran in the other room. To my surprise, He agreed that I do need the discipline and that He doesn't mind helping out with it.

Men - My advice as a woman would be to talk to other Men who are in the practice. (You can go to our Facebook group Black Domestic Discipline https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlackDomesticDiscipline for that) But my suggestion would be to sit her down and talk to her. Just be straight up and tell her what Domestic Discipline is and why you think it will improve your relationship. You can even download a contract to spank her here and let Her read over it. You can even give her time to think about it. But stay persistant if she does'nt go for it immediately. You can also contact me for a conference call at BlackDomesticDiscipline@gmail.com

Well, Who Spanks The man?!

Yahshell, Why are you so open about Domestic Discipline?

Who spanked your parents when they spanked you? I would only recommend this practice for responsible, well-balanced men who take care of their business, their households and are providers for their family. If the man is not disciplined himself then he is not in a place to discipline anyone else. The man should have a strong interest in following the Laws of God or some moral code.

Domestic discipline is the practice between two consenting life partners in which the head of the household (HoH) takes the necessary measures to achieve a healthy relationship dynamic; the necessary measure to create a healthy home environmental and the necessary measures to protect all members of the family from dangerous or detrimental outcomes by punishing the contributing, and thus unwanted, behaviors for the greater good of the family. Basically, it's when the husband spanks the wife to help discipline her.

Is this BDSM, or a Fetish or Masochism or Something?

Domestic Discipline (DD) is not the same as domestic violence. DD -- true DD -- is not abusive. Domestic Violence is chaotic and dangerous. It is associated with bruses, broken bones or blood shed. Domestic Discipline does none of that and is loving correction. In a DD relationship the husband is only spanking the woman on the butt. Kind of like when you discipline your child to help them stay out of trouble. Domestic Discipline is biblical (Check out ChrsitianDomesticDiscipline.com for biblical resources). Discipline works, it has always worked throughout history because people learn from pain.