Black Domestic Discipline

Welcome to Black Domestic Discipline

Greetings, As of May 1st, We had to start charging $1.00/Month to help keep the site up and to bring you more spanking videos.

This is a place for Black People to learn about the many benefits of a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle. It is also a place for us to learn and share solutions to heal our relationships. If you are under the age of 18 DO NOT ENTER. If you feel uncomfortable with Adult discipline DO NOT ENTER. If you would like to learn more about Domestic Discipline before you enter CLICK HERE.

Ladies! Welcome to the SISTERHOOD OF SUCCESS! We believe in acheiving and maintaining healthy and respectable relationships with our men, building our own empires and raising children who have both parents in the home. And even if you decide not to take your submission as far as I did--and practice Domestic Discipline, you are still welcome here just as long as you are nice, non-confrontational and drama free, or you want to learn how to be. Come in with an open mind and get ready for some positive change and excitement in your life!